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Congratulations Portman Rink Rats!

06/07/2019, 11:15am CDT
By Brandon Johnson

Thank you to the hard work and dedication of our Portman volunteers we are able to offer the community a very unique opportunity during the winter months. Unlimited free ice (weather permitting) is not common across most hockey communities. As an association, we encourage our Portman kids to spend as much time as possible down at the rink participating in unstructured play. Games are fun, while practice helps to develop fundamental skills, but “rink ratting” is where hockey players develop creativity and a passion for the game. Rink ratting is a critical component of hockey development.

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Portman Rink Rats!

Name Total 
Aizley Mathias  39.45
Alex Elling  47
Autum Lundell 76
Ben Moline 34
Brock Gitzlaf 43
Brooks Johnson 85.35
Cooper Chick 39
Darby Friday 28.5
David Ching 93.5
Eric Schomberg 41.5
Ethan Conley 62
Evelyn Thackery  38
Grant Danielski 33
Gunnar Solberg 29
Hadley Friday  28.5
Hendy Mills 53
Henry Krollman 121
Jake Roed 133
Jax Roed 100
Lexi McCall 37
Mac Falteisek 36
Mae McCall 133
Max Mathias 86.1
Max McCall 62
Micah Melton 41.75
Oscar Mills 51
Owen Larson 65
Owen Schomberg 13
Parker Olin 72
Ryan Bringman 96.5
Signe Gorham 31
Wally Lundell 115
William Thackery  112

Thank You Portman!

03/05/2019, 12:00pm CST
By Brandon Johnson

Congratulations to all Portman families on an amazing 2018-2019 season!  Some of our accomplishments this year included the building of a new rink and players’ boxes, our second annual Portman for Powerplay fundraiser, record registration numbers, well-executed tournaments, and excellent on-ice performance including a playoff run by our Squirts.

Thank you to the Portman families for your volunteer efforts this year! From flooding, to concessions, to fundraising, to tournament volunteering. Keeping Portman open for our community is a tremendous effort that takes a significant commitment from our hockey families.

Thank you to our coaches. It’s tough just getting your kid to the rink, to fulfill volunteer requirements, but to then go out in the cold and coach takes a lot of commitment. From Mites to Squirts, all our coaches did a fantastic job this year and were tremendous role models for our kids.

Thank you to our board of directors. There is a lot that goes into running a program this large and we have a group of very talented individuals that lead this organization. 

  • Thank you to Greg Kramer and Dylan Mills for leading flooding and facilities. Both spent countless hours clearing the ice and coordinating the building of a new rink over the past year.
  • Thank you to Sara Kramer for leading our concessions efforts. Sara is essentially on call for the concessions every day, all winter. We couldn’t run this association without Sara!
  • Thank you to the fundraising team, led by Kevin Chick. 
  • Thank you to Matt Licari for all he does for Portman including being our Treasurer, Links for Rinks Coordinator, and Jamboree Coordinator. 
  • Thank you to Greg McCall for running our Squirt Tournaments, Portman’s largest fundraiser.
  • Thank you to Brant Nicklin for leading our coaching efforts.
  • Thank you to Brent Everson for keeping track of jerseys at each level.
  • Thank you to Kristin Montgomery for keeping the Board organized.
  • Thank you to Shawn Roed for developing players.
  • Thank you to Matt Mathias for representing Portman across the City.

Have a great off-season! See you next year!


Thank you,

Brandon Johnson
President, Portman Hockey